A new journey begins

To my friends, audio industry colleagues and especially my customers, many of whom have been with me since 2008,

Your loyalty, support, dedication, as well as your character and spirit, will always be a part of my life! It is deeply implanted into my system. All of your fabric has been woven into my quilt.

Let me now say, it has been both easy and challenging to serve you. I cherish the times we’ve spent talking shop and dreaming about the future of your creative endeavors (and sometimes with mine). We’ve done great things together, as a team. These memories will never be forgotten.

I am extremely proud of my work in helping you create, whatever makes you..YOU! The friendships and relationships I have earned while providing you all the best customer experience I could imagine, has been gratifying and infinitely rewarding.

Through the good times and the “bad”.

But now, my world is drastically changing! July 20th will be my last day at Parsons Audio. I am humbled and overjoyed to have worked with the Parsons team during these last 2+ years and to have accomplished so much during my time there.

They are all truly golden hearted people in every way and I strongly encourage all of you to continue to purchase your pro audio equipment from them! I know I will! It’s as easy as an email or a phone call. Or a couple of clicks on one of the 2000+ product pages I built for them!

Just message me if you would like their contact info. Trust me, you are in capable hands with Parsons Audio.

So, with all of that said, I will soon begin a new journey in my career doing Technical Sales at Holosonics, in Watertown, MA. They design and manufacture a very unique product called, “Audio Spot Light” which are thin sound panels that use ultrasonics to create a highly directional “beam” of sound at the intended listener.

The applications for this product are vast and future intentions for this technology are promising. Audio Spot Light systems replace old headsets in Museums. They keep quiet areas quiet in Hospitals for patients and visitors.

They target individual spectators in Digital Signage and displays at theme parks. They are even used in operator communications in Command Stations. They keep children entertained while they are in the Dentist chair.

Ideal Customers for the Audio Spot Light are aiming to keep the peace in their spaces, but offer audio engagement in specific, dedicated areas.

I am really looking forward to this much needed change and eager to utilize all of the skills I have learned throughout my career in Pro Audio sales.

So thank you all once again. I wish for the universe to shower you with abundance, as you have done for me. It is only proper to try and return the favor.

Stay safe and healthy out there.


Published by adamjbrass

Audio Engineer since 2006, Pro Audio Sales and Marketing since 2008

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