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Microphones are very special things to me. … They are the voodoo, the magic wand, the secret weapon of the music-recording engineer’s or producer’s trade and craft.” –
Bruce Swedien



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It doesn’t matter how you ended up at this page, what is more important, is that you are here. As roads will fork, highways diverge, wooded trails and dirt path’s blend into the brush. Some say fate is certain, while others contend moments are simply fleeting. In the info age we are entwined with our devices. Kept well by the days gone by, escaping slowly to this deceitful clock. We are burdened, and enamored by the fresh smell of new information in the morning. The Who and Where. The Why and the — “how do it know”, questions about Thermos Hot and Cold Temperature efficiency. We are always hovering in air, like a mosquito at the back of your neck. The day will not be over until we land the bite and draw the blood.