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About Adam J. Brass – Audio Professional

A little bit about myself….

Attending the New England Institute of Art, in Brookline Massachusetts from 2004-2006 and graduating with an Associate in Science Degree, the past decade of my experience and passion has been solely devoted to technical audio engineering and strongly focused on recording studio operations. Realizing very quickly, an audio student does not magically become an audio guru when set off into the wild, I began to work my way up from the very bottom.

During school, as a requirement, I had already started Interning at several places around Boston. I worked at Pro Audio Design helping them decommission the used gear they purchased from out of business studios. Cleaning knobs and spraying switches on things like SSL and API console modules. I moved around a ton of gear for them. So I logged my 80+ hours for credit and moved on to the next chance at learning something useful. I interned and scraped my way through various home studios for people and found that very unfulfilling due to all the compromises it seemed to have.

I did a lot of Hip Hop style MIDI programming with Drum Machines, Software sequencing and recording Rap vocals in “boxy” sounding closets and echoing hallways. I always wondered how I was going to make something actually sound like a record in these situations. I became fixated on listening and growing my ears to appreciate high quality sound. Watching people walk around with ear buds listening to overly cooked music seemed to really bother me.

After graduating NEiA, I began interning for Mercenary Audio in Foxboro Massachusetts. From 2006-2007 I did remedial tasks for the crew there, like clean up the shop, wash dishes, make coffee, take everyones lunch order and deliver it to them. As well as any other “go’fer” type of work there is. Running to get beer and other oddities. After about a year and after being asked to sit on a number of recording sessions, by the middle of 2008 I had eventually moved up the ranks to work directly with Fletcher as his Assistant Engineer for any serious recording sessions in their in-house Studio known as the “Meth Lab”, which was clever short hand for “The Methods and Applications Laboratory”.

Mercenary Audio was an incredibly honorable, mythical and quite magical place. They sold the best analog boutique gear in the world and they really got to know the stuff they offered in the most honest way there was, in my opinion. They started as a vintage gear broker, but when many high quality boutique audio manufacturers came onto the scene producing extremely cool stuff, it was impossible not to get behind it! M-A was a trusted source of information and “talent” in every way possible. As engineers themselves, they wanted to know the ins & outs and ups & downs of it all.

It certainly wasn’t the typical hawk and hack sales joint. Making records was a very serious thing to these guys. They were using this stuff to make records and they didn’t take it lightly. For good reason!! And they couldn’t be more serious about helping customers find the right gear to make records with. I grew very fond of that and its “biker gang” approach to the Audio brotherhood. My “Attention to Detail” disorder is deeply rooted from working with these guys.

After M-A was sold off by the original owners the business was not able to continue with the new ownership, sadly. In 2011, after leaving M-A, I joined up with two other former M-A employees to form another High End Audio shop called DSPdoctor, which would seek to broaden the horizon for todays digital and analog hybrid studios and workflows. Simultaneously, I moved all my audio equipment over to a new studio located in North Quincy, Massachusetts called “Big T Productions” where I book recording and mixing sessions and also test audio equipment specifically for manufacturers.

DSPdoctor focuses on fixing many of the problems engineers encounter. While many expressively deny digital audio and many others vilify using any analog, we aim to maximize the potential between these options and utilize both together in harmony. We carry all the same quality equipment as Mercenary, and provide the same quality service, continuing to help customers find “Match made in Heaven” Audio equipment, but we bring a fresh approach to the Audio industry.

We won’t carry just anything — We believe in being selective in order to offer the best products to our clients. But working as an Audio Engineer, enables me to consult with over 500 clients every year. So day to day I work with artists, producers, and all types of audio engineers from all over the world. I always try my hardest to personalize my consultation towards the customers expressive goals, just as I would with artists in the studio.

Fast forwarding to the here and now, I decided to move on from DSPdoctor in the Spring of 2018. While it was a lot of fun, the market within the Boutique Audio world slowed way down. So I decided to accept a position with Parsons Audio, who remains to be a very well known, highly reputable Pro Audio Dealer for over 200 brands, since 1989! Shifting my focus from mainly specialized audio gear, to other avenues of Pro Audio, I have been settling in and loving every moment, working with the awesome crew here. At Parsons, I wear many hats, but most days, I am doing technical support for clients, [fixing as many as four Pro Tools Rigs in a single day from my desk!] Also, heading up lead sales, web site and social media marketing. In addition to this, I help out with various installs, mainly configuring any Digital Audio equipment. But since I am right at home with studio layout and design integration, I get involved with some seriously high end projects for both live sound and studio work. It is both rewarding and satisfying to be in a field which I truly love!


August 6, 2016


The Vibes

Mac Pro 8-core Dual Quad 2.33ghz – 16 GB ram

i7 Dual Core 2.7g, 16GB RAM Windows 7 Laptop

Merging Pyramix Native 11.1.5

Merging Tech HAPI Interface with ADA8 module

Apogee Symphony I/O, with 8×8 Analog I/O and AES/EBU

Pro Tools HD10

Pro Tools HD12

Reason / Reaper

+Any other DAW you can think of…

Vallhalla Room Reverb

Metric Halo plug ins

SoundToys EchoBoy

DW Fearn VT2 Dual Channel Tube Mic Preamp

NPNG 2NW Dual Channel Solid State Mic Preamp

Greg Hanks BA-AD660 All tube Mic preamp/Compressor/ADC

Purple Audio Sweet Ten 500 Series Frame

AMTEC BC5A 500 series Band Compressor

TB Audio 23N 500 series Mic preamp

x2 JCF Audio More ‘N Less 500 series channel

Pluto Plate Reverb

Dangerous Music D-Box

Focal Shape 50

Beyer Dynamic DT770

AEA R44CE Figure Eight Ribbon

InnerTUBE Audio U-4700

Barbaric Amplification BA-49 Custom

x2 AMI TAB-Funkenwerk F44 SDC

x1 Microtech Gefell M300

x2 Microtech Gefell M-221

x1 Microtech Gefell UMT-70S

Bock Audio U-195

AEA SMT-2 Stereo Template Bar

1950’s Oahu Tonemaster Combo

1950’s Oahu Tonemaster Lapsteel

Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Round Neck Resonator Acoustic

AMI TAB-Funkenwerk  T71 Passive DI

NPNG “Diehlio” 2channel Active Buffer Instrument Amp

Acme Audio “Motown DI” passive direct box

Accusound Cable MX4, GX2, IX3 and AT7 Interconnects

Latch Lake Mic King 3300

Latch Lake Mic King 1100

Latch Lake XTRA boom attachment arm

Custom Keller Maple 5.5×14 Snare With Ludwig Hardware

August 6, 2016


Audio Engineering Credits

Technical Producer, Additional Recording, Mixing [except for tracks 2,3,6]
Jago Thorne – “Fire in the Wake”

Live Sound Mixing, Recording and Post-Mixing Engineer

Jago Thorne – Live In Concert for Video “Sweet Divide” / “Le Temps Revient”

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer

Adam Goldberg – “Delusions of Adequacy”

Additional Recording Engineer
Peter Wolf – “Midnight Souvenirs”

Recording Engineer
Bent Knee “Urban Circus”

Recording Engineer
Ben Levin Group – “Invisible Paradise”

Recording Engineer
Bent Knee “Shiny Eyed Babies”

Mastering Engineer
Swinging Steaks – “Live in 93″

Mastering Engineer
Jamie Walker – “Steel Blue Moon”

Recording, Mixing Engineer
Tristan Omand – “Wandering Time”

Recording Engineer
2nd Annual Boston Byzantine Music Festival – “Cappella Romana-Dunya-greek orthodox archdiocesan Byzantine Choir

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer
Hot Sauce Rhythm and Blues – “Funk the Beach” EP

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer
Hot Sauce Rhythm and Blues – “At The Dance Hall” EP

Recording, Mixing Engineer
Christina and Fran – “Walk with the Moon” EP

Additional Recording Engineer
Heather Maloney – “Making me Break”

Additional Recording Engineer
Transit – “Joyride”

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer – Transit – “Acoustic Covers” 7inch EP

Recording Engineer Transit – “Futures and Sutures” Acoustic EP

Mixing Engineer- Jeff Thomas’ All Volunteer Army – “The Devil wants your Self Control” / *Album

Recording, Mixing Engineer – Heather Frasco – “Between Us” EP

Recording, Mixing Engineer – Dan Martinelli -“All the smoke is Gone” EP

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer – Lower Falls – “Maybe Tomorrow”

Recording, Mixing Engineer – Electro Politics “Play It Again”

August 6, 2016



Adam is professional, accommodating, and helpful. He has helped us make our first two LPs and we are grateful for his sound! – Jeffrey Shwom

…”I first heard Adam’s work while I was checking out some demos of equipment, but I was struck by the beauty of the sounds that he was getting, the sense of space and depth in the mix… After that, I’d been wanting to get up to Boston to do a session with him, and when I finally got a chance, it was a great day. Really relaxed atmosphere. Adam proceeded to get some beautiful sounds, and he hooked me up with a wonderful rhythm section…” – Peter Scherr

“Adam is a total pleasure to work with.  He’s complete pro, easy to communicate with and on top of it all does killer work.  I had him mix a record I produced by a big band here in Philadelphia and was so happy with the results I used him again right away on another project-they loved what he did for them as well.  Give him a shout, you’ll be thrilled with what he can do for you.” – Jeff Thomas

“Adam is a phenomenal sound engineer — meticulous, creative, immensely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. His passion for sound and music has brought a special life and character into our recordings.” – Bent Knee

“Adam gets fantastic sounds and is also fun to be around.  He has a lot of creative ideas and knows how to get the tone you’re looking for.  Highly recommended!” – Ben Levin

“Adam is one of the most passionate audio engineers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Adam knows audio gear like few others. Adam has an amazing knowledge of gear and engineering practices, and an impressive desire to fully satisfy every client he works with.” – Vince Welch

“I’ve been a travelling engineer for many years, some of my artists require audio equipment, like, yesterday … I always rely on Adam and the DSP Dr team to make sure I get what I need. Can’t speak highly enough of Adam !” – Peter Moses (Multi Platinum Engineer, Forensic Audio)

August 6, 2016